Economy News July 10th 2015

International Economic Week in Review; It’s All Greek to Me, Edition

Can wage growth save the housing market from the effects of Fed rate hikes?

Midyear 2015 update: corporate profits as a leading indicator for stocks

A midyear update on the long leading indicators

Yellen: Recent Developments and the Outlook for the Economy

Paul Krugman: Greece’s Economy Is a Lesson for Republicans in the U.S.

‘Unemployment Benefits and Job Match Quality’

Links for 07-10-15

‘Are Larger Cities Losing Their Edge?’

‘Fiscal Policy and the Long-Run Neutral Real Interest Rate’

Fed Watch: Mediocre Tranquility

Links for 07-09-15

‘Trading on Leaked Macroeconomic Data’

‘Policy Lessons From The Eurodebacle’

‘How Sensitive Is Housing Demand to Down Payment Requirements and Mortgage Rates?’

Links for 07-08-15

‘Why Germany Wants Rid of Greece’

‘Effects of Income Inequality on Economic Growth’

‘Growth in Finance is a Drag on the Real Economy’

‘Boosting Growth Without Raising the Deficit’

Links for 07-07-15

‘The Great Recession and its Aftermath: What Role Do Structural Changes Play?’

Paul Krugman: Ending Greece’s Bleeding

Links for 07-06-15

‘De-Industrialisation, ‘New Speenhamland’ and Neo-Liberalism’

Links for 07-05-15

‘Professor Hubbard’s Claim about Wage and Compensation Stagnation Is Not True’

‘Stability of a Market Economy’

Links for 07-04-15

‘Behavioral Economics is Rational After All’

Paul Krugman: Europe’s Many Economic Disasters

Links for 07-03-15

Austerity: The Public-Sector Jobs Gap

‘Poverty & Ideology’

‘Job Growth Slows in June’

Links for 07-02-15

Fed Watch: Ahead of the Employment Report

‘Path to Grexit Tragedy Paved by Political Incompetence’

Did Dodd-Frank Fix Too Big To Fail?

Links for 07-01-15

‘The Problem with Completely Free Markets’

Links for 06-30-15

Fed Watch: Events Continue to Conspire Against the Fed

Stiglitz: Troika has ‘Kind of Criminal Responsibility’

‘The Stimulative Effect of Redistribution’

‘U.S. Income Inequality Persists Amid Overall Growth in 2014’

Paul Krugman: Greece Over the Brink

Links for 06-29-15

‘Former Finance Minister of Cyprus on the Greek Crisis’

Links for 06-28-15

Greece: It’s the Politics, Stupid!

Links for 06-27-15

‘Most of America’s Poor Have Jobs’

Economy News July 10th 2015

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