Economy News July 11th 2015

Austerity and the Greek Depression – Paul Krugman

Germany won’t spare Greek pain – Yanis Varoufakis

A tale of two asset pricing models – Noahpinion

The non-independent ECB – Simon Wren-Lewis

Greece: Past critiques and the path forward – Olivier Blanchard

Quantitative macro models of wealth Inequality: A survey – Vox EU

A ‘Star Trek’ Future Might Be Closer Than We Think – New York Times

The Inconceivable Success of Obamacare – Paul Krugman

Euro MOA+MOE plus Drachma MOE – Nick Rowe

Twenty years of the Commercial Internet – Digitopoly

Minimum wages & jobs – Stumbling and Mumbling

There won't be a drachma-induced recovery – Moneyness

Jeb Bush wants us to work more for the collective good – Dean Baker

Blanchard defends the IMFs interactions with Greece – Angry Bear

Keynes, Secular Stagnation, and Investment Shortfalls – Tim Taylor

Global saving glut, monetary policy, and housing bubble – Brookings

People Need to Work Shorter Hours – EconoSpeak

Promoting long-term care insurance – Vox EU

The Defenestration of Search – Digitopoly

TISATAAFL – Crooked Timber

The U.S. Must Save Greece – Joseph E. Stiglitz

Argentine Lessons For Greece – Paul Krugman

Needed: Greek Devaluation or Transfers to Greece – Brad DeLong

A budget for our next Prime Minister – mainly macro

It's the (absence of) trust, Simon – Nick Rowe

To Each Age Its Inequality – The New York Times

Adam Smith And Modern Utility Maximisation – Gavin Kennedy

Does school choice hurt low- and middle-income students? – Bridget Ansel

Peak Farmland, Peak Timber, Peak Car Travel, Peak Child – Tim Taylor

Greece and the ECB: A Dialogue – Mean Squared Errors

The worst of left & right – Stumbling and Mumbling

Why has consumption been so volatile? – Yuliya Demyanyk

Forcible currency conversions from 1982 to 2015 – Vox EU

The surprising decline in US petroleum consumption – Vox EU

In Praise of Israel Kirzner – Uneasy Money

Americas changing tastes – LaVaughn Henry

'Student', on Kurtosis – Dave Giles

Austerity is an integral part of the Greek tragedy – mainly macro

Deflation and You-know-who – Paul Krugman

Why Europe Needs to Offer Greece Debt Relief – James Surowiecki

Fasten your seat belts; the ride is about to get choppy – Roger Farmer

China stock meltdown: Its economy will be just fine – Stephen Roach

Bad news on GDP vs good news on employment – Nick Rowe

The Box of Economic Growth Theory – Economics and Development

"Structural problems" ideology is not Superstructure – Robert Waldmann

Do Disability Benefits Reduce Work Effort? – EPI

A Key Moment is Coming for the IPCC’s Future – Robert Stavins

Parallel Computing for Data Science – Dave Giles

Trade agreements and trans-Pacific competition – Vox EU

Milton Friedman, Irving Fisher, and Greece – Paul Krugman

Germany’s Debt History, Echoed in Greece – New York Times

Why Information Grows – Paul Romer

Miscellaneous irritations – The Irish Economy

Greece and its Slow Growth Problem – Tim Taylor

The 'Wisdom of Crowds' Is Not That Wise – Barry Ritholtz

From Grexit to Exitaly? Let’s Stop This Madness – EconoMonitor

Are estimates of long-term U.S. unemployment rate high? – Nick Bunker

Stock market intervention: China now, Hong Kong then – Gavyn Davies

Welfare state trade-offs – Stumbling and Mumbling

A Visa/MasterCard theory of recessions – Moneyness

Debt Deflation in Greece – Paul Krugman

In search of the perfect match – Tim Harford

Can Greece Leave? – John Cochrane

Lone Star Bailout – Paul Krugman

The Greek Crisis and the Eurozone – Brad DeLong

Welfare economics and the Greek crisis – globalinequality

The Glacial Speed of Institutional Change – Growth Economics

Boosting Those at the Bottom Requires Help From the Top – NYT

Finding Normal: Natural Rates and Policy Prescriptions – FRBSF

Of Democracy and a Different Europe – Gloomy European Economist

Will Silicon Alley Be the Next Silicon Valley? – Liberty Street

China's stock market boom and bust – Cecchetti & Schoenholtz

The Future of the European Project – Brad DeLong

Wage and price inflation – Jérémie Cohen-Setton

After Oxi, what next? – mainly macro

China crash? – The Grumpy Economist

Delusions of Control – Paul Krugman

Scattered Notes on the Euro – Paul Krugman

The Scale of Things – Paul Krugman

Ongoing Developments in China – Econbrowser

Austerity Arithmetic – Paul Krugman

Banks and Greece’s bailouts – interfluidity

Teaching finance after the crisis – Vox EU

Fluctuations in the financial system – Vox EU

Europe Wins – Paul Krugman

End of the global dip – Gavyn Davies

Meanwhile In China – Paul Krugman

Goffman on close encounters – Understanding Society

Economists Between Two Worlds – Economic Principals

No, Puerto Rico Isn't Greece – Paul Krugman

Greece and the political capture of the IMF – mainly macro

The Inevitable, Indispensable Property Tax – The New York Times

The something for nothing culture – Chris Dillow

Greece vs Puerto Rico and what's "systemic." – John Cochrane

Insurance and Reaganomics – Paul Krugman

Currency is not destiny – Vox EU

Greece – interfluidity

The ideologues of the Eurozone – mainly macro

Did the IMF provide support to Syriza? – Antonio Fatas

Greece is solvent but illiquid: Policy implications – Vox EU

Thoughts on the news from Greece – Nick Rowe

Mises’s Unwitting Affirmation of the Hawtrey-Cassel – Uneasy Money

Why We Shouldn’t Pay for the Political Spending of… – Robert Reich

Marginal product theory at work…not! – Jared Bernstein

Nine Myths About the Greek Crisis – James K. Galbraith

Interview with Al Roth – Tim Taylor

Mental health stigma – Vox EU

First-day criminal recidivism – Vox EU

Interview with Gill Marcus – Cecchetti & Schoenholtz

Deliberative democracy and the age of social media – Daniel Little

The West Coast Port Dispute and the GDP Slowdown? – Liberty Street

More Musings on "Monetary Economics" – Brad DeLong

Geographical Notes on Puerto Rico – Paul Krugman

Puerto Rico: Echoes from Greece – Tim Taylor

Answers to Questions About Dynamic Analysis – CBO

Can the Grexit Lemon Be Made into Lemonade? – Joe Gagnon

Gold Standard or Gold-Exchange Standard – Uneasy Money

“To Lean or Not to Lean?” That is the Question – IMF Blog

The Economy’s Missing Metrics – The New York Times

Discussing the Global Economy's Effects – macroblog

On the economics of the Neolithic Revolution – A Fine Theorem

The psychology of saving – Tim Harford

Focusing on High-Cost Patients – Tim Taylor

U.S. Leaves Markets Out of Fight Against Carbon Emissions – NY Times

Monetary Policy in the US and Developing Countries – Stanley Fischer

Macroeconomic Effects of High-Frequency Uncertainty – Econbrowser

Sources of stock-market fluctuations: New evidence – Vox EU

Will the U.S. keep winning indefinitely? ISDS, that is – Ken Thomas

Inequality, the state & the left – Chris Dillow

Euros without the Eurozone – Moneyness

Greek Stragedy? – Cheap Talk

The Awesome Gratuitousness of the Greek Crisis – Paul Krugman

The "Hangover Theory" of the Crash Fails – Brad DeLong

Quantum mental processes? – Understanding Society

A Primer on the Greek Crisis – Anil Kashyap

Wage Growth Held Steady in May – macroblog

Double bubble trouble in China – Gavyn Davies

Are Uber Drivers Employees? – James Surowiecki

‘Metrics Monday: Proxy Variables – Marc Bellemare

Temporal Aggregation: Tests of Linear Restrictions – Dave Giles

The Hard Work of Taking Apart Post-Work Fantasy – Mike Konczal

Washington Post and NY Times on the Greek Crisis – Robert Waldmann

Poking Holes in China's Great Financial Wall – Cecchetti & Schoenholtz

Rating Agencies and “Too-Big-to-Fail” Since Dodd-Frank – Liberty Street

The Economics of George Orwell – Roger Farmer

Sharing user search data – Digitopoly

The Internet of Things – Tim Taylor

Greece – the day after: Time for a fresh start? – Vox EU

Seigniorage transfers and runs on common currencies – Nick Rowe

Grexit: The staggering cost of central bank dependence – Vox EU

Was Grexit Invevitable? – David Beckworth

Grisis – Paul Krugman

The Generations of Economics – Economic Principals

Joseph Schumpeter on "Liquidationism" – Brad DeLong

We Must Fight Economic Apartheid in America – Robert Reich

SS Overpayments only 0.13% of Budget – Bud Meyers

Explaining the black-white wage gap – Vox EU

Inequality: the right's problem – Stumbling and Mumbling

Uber, sharing and the compensation mechanism – Digitopoly

Europe's Moment of Truth – Paul Krugman

The Greek Crisis and Referendum – Robert Waldmann

In an Uber World, Fortune Favors the Freelancer – Tyler Cowen

Why I Support Obamacare – The Bonddad Blog

Bank walks and options – Nick Rowe

Legacy – Paul Krugman

Ancestry and culture – Vox EU

A Dangerous Combination: Bubbles and Debt – Noah Smith

Expanding Health Insurance in 2014: How Much Progress? – Tim Taylor

Economy News July 11th 2015

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