Economy News July 29th 2015

Record high rents, record low vacancies continue
International Preview For the Week of July 27-31
‘Using Math to Obfuscate — Observations from Finance
‘Spare Tire? Stock Markets, Banking Crises, and Economic Recoveries’
‘Second-best Macroeconomics’
Links for 07-29-15
The Politics of Economics and ‘Very Serious People’
‘Should Central Bankers Stick to Talking about Monetary Policy?’
Is Content Aggregation Harmful?
‘Are We Overestimating Inflation (Again?)’
Links for 07-28-15
Paul Krugman: Zombies Against Medicare
‘Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth’
‘Debt Miracle: Why the Country that Borrowed the Most Industrialized First’
Links for 07-27-15
‘The F Story about the Great Inflation’
Links for 07-26-15
‘The Rise in Obesity’
‘The Old Man and the CPI’
Survey of Long-Term Interest Rates
Links for 07-25-15
‘Raise the Gas Tax Already’
‘What Is Wrong with the West’s Economies?’
‘The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational’
Paul Krugman: The M.I.T. Gang
Links for 07-24-15
‘Socialism, American-Style’
‘Postsecondary Institutions Appear to have Surprisingly Similar Net Impacts on Student Growth’
Does Rising Wealth Buy Greater Happiness?
Links for 07-23-15
Historical Heights and Past Living Standards
‘You Can’t Reform Your Way to Rapid Growth’
‘Annoying Euro Apologetics’
Links for 07-22-15
Financial Regulation: Which Reform Strategy is Best?
‘This is What Economists Don’t Understand About the Euro Crisis – or the U.S. Dollar’
‘Farmers Markets and Food-Borne Illness’
Links for 07-21-15
‘AIIB: The First International Financial Institution of the 21st Century’
Paul Krugman: Europe’s Impossible Dream
Links for 07-20-15
The Rivals (Samuelson and Friedman)
Links for 07-19-15
‘Show Some Mercy’
‘Like Humans, Apes Are Susceptible to Spin’
‘Variable Geometry Bites Back: Schäuble’s Motives’
Links for 07-18-75
‘The Effect of the Strong Dollar on U.S. Growth’
Paul Krugman: Liberals and Wages
Fed Watch: The Case For September
Links for 07-17-15
‘The Fed and African-American Unemployment’

Economy News July 29th 2015

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