Economy News July 30th 2015

Is trade zero-sum between workers in different countries?
Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy
The F story about the Great Inflation (knowledge transmission)
The current “gangbusters” wealth effect on consumption
DeLong and Baker discuss two bubbles and two recessions
Krugman forgets his own past?
The Oklahoma Republican Party calls Walmart and the mega-corporate fast-food and hospitality industries animals dependent on food stamps. And its chairman wants a national discussion about it. Oblige him, Democrats.
Scott Walker vs. the Walton Family and McDonald’s’ CEO
Impending disaster in Greece
Okay, so Douglas Holtz-Eakin thinks that proposing policies that have been proposed before but have not been adopted (or are no longer in force) is the same as proposing policies that have been adopted and are still in place. Seriously, he completely conflates the two.
Sorry, Doomers, there's still no sign of recession
Record high rents, record low vacancies continue
Higher-Than-Expected Second Quarter Growth
Links for 07-30-15
Fed Watch: FOMC Recap
What Is ‘Price Theory’?
FOMC Press Release
‘Using Math to Obfuscate — Observations from Finance
‘Spare Tire? Stock Markets, Banking Crises, and Economic Recoveries’
‘Second-best Macroeconomics’
Links for 07-29-15
The Politics of Economics and ‘Very Serious People’
‘Should Central Bankers Stick to Talking about Monetary Policy?’
Is Content Aggregation Harmful?
‘Are We Overestimating Inflation (Again?)’
Links for 07-28-15
Paul Krugman: Zombies Against Medicare
‘Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth’
‘Debt Miracle: Why the Country that Borrowed the Most Industrialized First’
Links for 07-27-15
‘The F Story about the Great Inflation’
Links for 07-26-15
‘The Rise in Obesity’
‘The Old Man and the CPI’
Survey of Long-Term Interest Rates
Links for 07-25-15
‘Raise the Gas Tax Already’
‘What Is Wrong with the West’s Economies?’
‘The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational’
Paul Krugman: The M.I.T. Gang
Links for 07-24-15
‘Socialism, American-Style’
‘Postsecondary Institutions Appear to have Surprisingly Similar Net Impacts on Student Growth’
Does Rising Wealth Buy Greater Happiness?
Links for 07-23-15
Historical Heights and Past Living Standards
‘You Can’t Reform Your Way to Rapid Growth’
‘Annoying Euro Apologetics’
Links for 07-22-15
Financial Regulation: Which Reform Strategy is Best?
‘This is What Economists Don’t Understand About the Euro Crisis – or the U.S. Dollar’
‘Farmers Markets and Food-Borne Illness’
Links for 07-21-15
‘AIIB: The First International Financial Institution of the 21st Century’
Paul Krugman: Europe’s Impossible Dream
Links for 07-20-15
The Rivals (Samuelson and Friedman)
Links for 07-19-15
‘Show Some Mercy’
‘Like Humans, Apes Are Susceptible to Spin’
‘Variable Geometry Bites Back: Schäuble’s Motives’
Links for 07-18-75
Why Americans Are Nostalgic About Manufacturing – Brad DeLong
US cities and productivity in the railroad era – Vox EU
What the leaked Fed forecasts tell us – Gavyn Davies
State Growth Versus National Growth – Paul Krugman
Inequality is Central to the Productivity-Pay Gap – Larry Mishel
Supply – Side Policies in the Depression: Evidence from France – BEHL
The state of tax progressivity across the United States – Nick Bunker
Treason charges: What lurks behind the bizarre allegations – Yanis Varoufakis
The rewards for working hard are too big for Keynes’s vision – Tim Harford
Financial frictions, product quality, and international trade – Vox EU
Wall St. Money Meets Social Policy at Rikers Island – The New York Times
There Was No Place Like Canada – Alt-M
To Fix the Fed, Simplify It – The New York Times
China’s New Normal Is in the Making – FRBSF
Snapshots of the Global Energy – Tim Taylor
Why Economists Have Trouble With Bubbles – Noah Smith
Mankiw and Conventional Wisdom on Europe – John Cochrane
An optimistic view: a UK investment led recovery – mainly macro
Review of ‘The Conservative Heart’ – Greg Mankiw
What is Discouraging the Registered Voters Who Don't Vote? – Tim Taylor
Supervenience, isomers, and social isomers – Understanding Society
Evidence Based Policies – Economics and Development
On centrist utopianism – Stumbling and Mumbling
Germany, Greece, and the Future of Europe – Jeffrey Sachs
Trumped Again – Paul Krugman
The Donald and the Delusional – Paul Krugman
Innovation, income inequality, and social mobility – Vox EU
Global Anti-Tobacco Policy – Tim Taylor
Gilead's Greed That Kills – Jeffrey Sachs
Contingency Plans – Paul Krugman
Yanis Varoufakis plot sparks Greek opposition anger –
Rising compensation inequality and productivity growth – Nick Bunker
Daniel Davies and Brad DeLong Debate Deutschland – Robert Waldmann
Housing Bust Legacy? Too Much Fear of Debt – Noah Smith
Economic and social impacts of the media – Vox EU
Rebonato on Bond-Yield Econometrics – No Hesitations
Demography is destiny – Stumbling and Mumbling
How to keep Greece in – CER
“Lowflation” forever in the US? – Gavyn Davies
“An Altogether Different Angle” – Economic Principals
Policy consequences of public income volatility – Vox EU
Building a more inclusive society – Miles Corak
Africa is more ready to make than it is to consume –
Maybe profs should haggle over textbook prices? – Nick Rowe
Tattoos, Incompetence, and the Heritage Foundation – Paul Krugman
The Disappearing Entitlements Crisis – Paul Krugman
Is chemistry supervenient upon physics? – Understanding Society
Thorstein Veblen in Brooklyn (Trivial) – Paul Krugman
What Liberals Get Right About Poverty – Adam Ozimek
How to get firms to do what we want them to do – longandvariable
A Note on Medicare Costs – Paul Krugman
Greece's Plan B – Nick Rowe
Greece, the Sacrificial Lamb – Joseph Stiglitz
Who is out to kill? – Digitopoly
Measuring unemployment – Econbrowser
Uber and the New Liberal Consensus – Paul Krugman
On welfare incentives – Stumbling and Mumbling
Thoughts on reading Silvio Gesell on money – Nick Rowe
Asset management and financial stability – Vox EU
Competition and bank opacity – Vox EU
Fire Phasers – Paul Krugman
Depression's Advocates – Brad DeLong
Time to Re-estimate the U.S. Output Gap – Econbrowser
Professor Keynes is Optimistic – Twenty-Cent Paradigms
The tilt, or lack thereof, in the tax code – Jared Bernstein
Why Greece Should Leave the Eurozone – Hans-Werner Sinn
Survey expectations – some more evidence – Noahpinion
Long-Term Interest Rates: A Survey – White House
Neo-Fisherism and All That – Uneasy Money
Are all Eurozone GDP data "fake"? – Nick Rowe
Changing economic factors and the rise in obesity – Vox EU
Parsing a Financial Transactions Tax – Tim Taylor
Best Way to Cut Poverty Also Encourages Work – Noah Smith
Is Wage Growth Accelerating? All signs point to Yes! – Conference Board
Are China's Problems Responsible For Recent Market Slides? – EconoSpeak
Economists and the European democratic deficit – Kevin O'Rourke
The Village, the Base, and Saint John – Paul Krugman
Raising the minimum wage – mainly macro
Attracting students to economics – Vox EU
How to fix the Euro – interfluidity
Proxies for monetary disequilibrium – Nick Rowe
After the crash, can biologists fix economics? – New Scientist
Hillary Clinton Rebuffs Liberals’ Push to Break Up Banks – WSJ
The Housing Recovery Favors High-End Homes – David Cay Johnston
Microfoundations for rules and ascriptions – Understanding Society
Greek economy: How terrible was it? – Mean Squared Errors
The Essential Obstfeld – Paul Krugman
Understanding economic behavior through hygiene – MIT News
Answering Skepticism about a US Sovereign Wealth Fund – Miles Kimball
Reducing risk-taking by regulating bonuses – Vox EU
SPQR And All That – Paul Krugman
Real and Pseudo Free Banking – Alt-M
The Half-Lives of Others (Wonkish) – Paul Krugman
How to easily devalue the Greek Euro – Mean Squared Errors
My longstanding hatred and loathing of logit – Chris Blattman
How sacrosanct should inflation targeting be? – croaking cassandra
Examining Federal Reserve reform proposals – Brookings Institution
The Big Lesson of the Eurozone Crisis – David Beckworth
Sandwichman's Lump-of-Labor Odyssey – EconoSpeak
The federal disability insurance program… – NIck Bunker
The Case for a Tax on Financial Transactions – The New York Times
The behavioural economics of voluntary disclosure – Vox EU
Fixing the bad jobs economy – Herbert Gans
Understanding past and future financial crises – Vox EU
More Misinformation about Banking Regulation – Baseline Scenario
A new mechanism to explain how a financial crisis happens – EurekAlert!
Innovation to Stanch Climate Change Sputters – The New York Times
The measurement and future of U.S. productivity growth – Nick Bunker
Why the Belief Function Matters – Roger Farmer
Incentives to cut prices in a recession – Nick Rowe
Who Will Nudge the Nudgers? – Tim Taylor
When Labour lost its soul, and the next election – mainly macro
The global surplus bogeyman recycling mechanism – longandvariable
There's Just One Way to Reach 4 Percent Growth – Noah Smith
Undebasing the Dollar – Paul Krugman
The half-life of happiness – Vox EU
The Phillips curve: A good model, at least for Ireland – Vox EU
What do we know about economic inequality and growth? – WCEG
Fiscal and monetary policy: New Zealand history – croaking cassandra
Assessing the Recent Behavior of Inflation – FRBSF
Coordination problems and discontinuities – Nick Rowe
‘Metrics Monday: Outliers – Marc Bellemare
Understanding the Neo-Fisherite rebellion – Jérémie Cohen-Setton
Dealers' Strategies in the GCF Repo Market – Liberty Street
Greece should prepare for Grexit and then not do it – Vox EU
Price stickiness is not a mystery… – interfluidity
Ireland and Greece – mainly macro
The Euroskeptic Vindication – Paul Krugman
How Greece Can Help Itself – James Surowiecki
How important are terms-of-trade shocks? – Vox EU
Brad DeLong and Bubble Bursting Recessions – Dean Baker
DeLong and Baker discuss two bubbles and two recessions – Angry Bear
Skepticism About A U.S. Sovereign Wealth Fund – Adam Ozimek
The Intuition behind Wallace Neutrality – Richard H. Serlin
The zero lower bound and Miles Kimball’s visit – croaking cassandra
Beware the Fed on the ides of September – Gavyn Davies
Labour's economic narrative – Chris Dillow
The Immigrant Families in Limbo – Jeffrey Toobin
The Beer IneQuality Index – Frances Woolley
The other Smith on Growth – John Cochrane
Free-market ideology and the burden of proof – Noahpinion
Competitive equilibrium (from Economics in Two Lessons) – Crooked Timber
Hayek and Free Banking – Alt-M

Economy News July 30th 2015

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