Economy News July 31th 2015

The Challenges of the Greek Crisis
Former Fed Analyst says Fed should have raised rates a long time ago
Is trade zero-sum between workers in different countries?
Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy
The F story about the Great Inflation (knowledge transmission)
The current “gangbusters” wealth effect on consumption
DeLong and Baker discuss two bubbles and two recessions
Krugman forgets his own past?
The Oklahoma Republican Party calls Walmart and the mega-corporate fast-food and hospitality industries animals dependent on food stamps. And its chairman wants a national discussion about it. Oblige him, Democrats.
Scott Walker vs. the Walton Family and McDonald’s’ CEO
International Economic Week in Review: Emerging Market Exodus, Edition
The Q2 stall in labor costs and part-time employment
International Economic Week in Review: Emerging Market Exodus, Edition
Sorry, Doomers, there's still no sign of recession
Pictures of Austerity
‘U.S. Paychecks Grow at Record-Slow Pace’
Video: NBER Feldstein Lecture by Alan Krueger on Labor Force Participation
Paul Krugman: China’s Naked Emperors
Links for 07-31-15
Fed Watch: GDP Report
‘Dentists and Skin in the Game’
Higher-Than-Expected Second Quarter Growth
Links for 07-30-15
Fed Watch: FOMC Recap
What Is ‘Price Theory’?
FOMC Press Release
‘Using Math to Obfuscate — Observations from Finance
‘Spare Tire? Stock Markets, Banking Crises, and Economic Recoveries’
‘Second-best Macroeconomics’
Links for 07-29-15
The Politics of Economics and ‘Very Serious People’
‘Should Central Bankers Stick to Talking about Monetary Policy?’
Is Content Aggregation Harmful?
‘Are We Overestimating Inflation (Again?)’
Links for 07-28-15
Paul Krugman: Zombies Against Medicare
‘Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth’
‘Debt Miracle: Why the Country that Borrowed the Most Industrialized First’
Links for 07-27-15
‘The F Story about the Great Inflation’
Links for 07-26-15
‘The Rise in Obesity’
‘The Old Man and the CPI’
Survey of Long-Term Interest Rates
Links for 07-25-15
‘Raise the Gas Tax Already’
‘What Is Wrong with the West’s Economies?’
‘The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational’
Paul Krugman: The M.I.T. Gang
Links for 07-24-15
‘Socialism, American-Style’
‘Postsecondary Institutions Appear to have Surprisingly Similar Net Impacts on Student Growth’
Does Rising Wealth Buy Greater Happiness?
Links for 07-23-15
Historical Heights and Past Living Standards
‘You Can’t Reform Your Way to Rapid Growth’
‘Annoying Euro Apologetics’
Links for 07-22-15
Financial Regulation: Which Reform Strategy is Best?
‘This is What Economists Don’t Understand About the Euro Crisis – or the U.S. Dollar’
‘Farmers Markets and Food-Borne Illness’
Links for 07-21-15
‘AIIB: The First International Financial Institution of the 21st Century’
Paul Krugman: Europe’s Impossible Dream

Economy News July 31th 2015

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