Economy News August 9th 2015

CBO Aug 7, 2015: Monthly Budget Review for July
Swedish Privatization of Education Fails
Not A DSGE Model
What Wouldn’t be a Dynamic-Stochastic General-Equilibrium model?
The Challenges of the Greek Crisis
Former Fed Analyst says Fed should have raised rates a long time ago
Is trade zero-sum between workers in different countries?
Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy
The F story about the Great Inflation (knowledge transmission)
The current “gangbusters” wealth effect on consumption
Weekly Indicators for August 3 -7 at
Demographic pressure is driving demand in the US housing market
The Pied Piper of Doom and The Automatic Earth: commodity collapse edition
July jobs report: good, but evidence that this expansion is in its 6th or 7th inning
‘Analyzing Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles’
Links for 08-09-15
Links for 08-08-15
Paul Krugman: From Trump on Down, the Republicans Can’t Be Serious
‘Job Growth Remains Strong in July’
‘Inventing Prizes: A Historical Perspective on Innovation Awards and Technology Policy’
Links for 08-07-15
‘Buying Locally’
‘The Declining Impact of U.S. Income Taxes on Wealth Inequality’
‘Unwavering Fealty to a Failed Theory’
Links for 08-06-15
Should the Christensen Self-Disruption Playbook Be Thrown Out?
‘I’m Not Denying That Trump is a Clown, but Given his Party’s Field, That’s Not a Distinctive Judgment’
‘The Sad Death of Free Market Pessimism’
Links for 08-05-15
‘Sarcasm and Science’
‘The US Financial Sector in the Long-Run: Where are the Economies of Scale?’
Fed Watch: Gearing Up For Employment Day
Links for 08-04-15
‘Are All Tax Increases a Bad Thing?’
‘Is Deficit Fetishism Innate or Contextual?’
Paul Krugman: America’s Un-Greek Tragedies in Puerto Rico and Appalachia
‘The Revolt Against the Ruling Class’
Links for 08-03-15
‘Freshwater’s Wrong Turn’
‘The Myth of Mobility’
Links for 08-02-15
‘Lehman Brothers Once Again…’
‘Microfoundations 2.0?’
Links for 08-01-15
‘There May be a Complex Market Living in Your Gut ‘
Paul Romer: Freshwater Feedback on Mathiness
Pictures of Austerity
‘U.S. Paychecks Grow at Record-Slow Pace’
Video: NBER Feldstein Lecture by Alan Krueger on Labor Force Participation
Paul Krugman: China’s Naked Emperors
Links for 07-31-15
Fed Watch: GDP Report
‘Dentists and Skin in the Game’
Higher-Than-Expected Second Quarter Growth
Links for 07-30-15
Fed Watch: FOMC Recap
What Is ‘Price Theory’?
FOMC Press Release
‘Using Math to Obfuscate — Observations from Finance
‘Spare Tire? Stock Markets, Banking Crises, and Economic Recoveries’
‘Second-best Macroeconomics’
Links for 07-29-15
The Politics of Economics and ‘Very Serious People’
TPP: 5 Sticking Points That Remain
The United States’ Huge Trade Deficit…with Europe [!]
IMF: RMB Not Yet Ready as SDR Currency
The $483B Mystery Man Out to Save PRC Stock Markets
Weak Euro? Europe as a Retirement Destination
Gold & Euros: Is Russia’s Central Banker Really That Dumb?
Financial Adventure Time…and Now for Iran Bonds
China Buying America: From Tech to Flicks
The West: Punishing PRC for ‘$483B’ Stock Market Intervention
When in Buenos Aires, See ‘Museum of Foreign Debt’

Economy News August 9th 2015

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