Economy News July 15th 2015

It’s past the 5th inning for jobs
Jazz Shaw of Hot Air: Economic Simpleton
International Economic Preview For the Week of July 13-17
Greeks fail to get their pony
International Economic Week in Review: It’s All Greek to Me, Edition
US Equity and Economic Review For the Week of July 6-10: The Fed Speaks, Edition
‘Have Changing Job and Worker Characteristics Restrained Wage Growth?’
‘An Unsustainable Position’
Links for 07-15-15
Who Should Pay for Recessions?
Fed Watch: More Mediocrity
‘Needed: More Government, More Government Debt, Less Worry’
Links for 07-14-15
‘Negotiating with Germany is a Waste of Time’
‘Janet Yellen’s Unusual Optimism’
Paul Krugman: The Laziness Dogma
Links for 07-13-15
‘Disaster In Europe’
‘Complacency and Incrementalism are Traps to Avoid’
Links for 07-12-15
‘Jeb and the Nation of Takers’
‘Are we Sure that Tsipras Caved In?’
Links for 07-11-15
Invisible Green Triumphs – Paul Krugman
A finance industry insider on equilibrium asset-pricing models – Noahpinion
Preserving the independence of the Federal Reserve – Brookings Institution
Complicated ties between inequality and growth – CBS News
I love Germany. And Greece. And especially Finland. – interfluidity
Sizing Up Hillary Clinton’s Plans to Help the Middle Class – New York Times
‘Where moral sentiments replace demand and supply’ – Stephen Ziliak
The Pause of 2014 – Paul Krugman
The Why of Weak Wages – FRB Cleveland
Canadians: Successful Austerians? – Stephen Williamson
Development Central Banking, Part 1 – TripleCrisis
In defence of welfare – Stumbling and Mumbling
The Face of the Base – Paul Krugman
Productivity Growth and the Diffusion Problem – Tim Taylor
Schmidt and Woodford on neo-Fisherian economcs – John Cochrane
Dispelling some myths about the Greek agreement – Re-Define
Impending disaster in Greece – Middle Class Political Economist
Greece and Trust – mainly macro
Roach Motel Economics – Paul Krugman
Needed: More Government, More Debt, Less Worry – Brad DeLong
Does income inequality cause decreased economic growth? – Tim Haab
Understanding Diffusion Models of Growth – Growth Economics
By How Much Is r Greater than g? – Liberty Street Economics
Micromanagement of European reforms – Antonio Fatas
The Recovery’s Final Frontier? – John Williams
Privately-issued preloaded Drachma cards? – Nick Rowe
The Declining Number of Illegal Immigrants – Tim Taylor
Did Monetary Policy Offset Fiscal Austerity in Canada? – David Beckworth
What Seasonally-Adjusted Economic Data Needs Most… – No Hesitations
Euro Summit Statement: A Glimmer of Sanity? – Mean Squared Errors
After Greece: Saving EMU – Cecchetti & Schoenholtz
Parsing "Generic Productivity" – EconoSpeak
Greece again – The Grumpy Economist
Hillary speaks – MaxSpeak
Hillary Clinton Transcript – WSJ
Killing the European Project – Paul Krugman
Possible scenarios for Greece – Econbrowser
The Great Recession and the Eurozone crisis – mainly macro
Grexit: An Indecent Proposal From Germany – The New Yorker
The Rivals (Samuelson and Friedman) – Economic Principals
Regulatory Rollback Is Wrong for Financial Markets – WSJ
The birth of European macroeconomics – Vox EU
Woodford vs. the Neo-Fisherians – Noahpinion
Labour's failure – Stumbling and Mumbling
Le Boche Payera Tout – Uneasy Money
IMF: Most misleading sentence ever? – Mean Squared Errors
Rising Insecurity Tied to Employment Practices – New York Times
Whatever happened to the Brics? – Gavyn Davies
How to Make Investing Simpler – The New York Times
Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism – The New York Times
Service labour market: The engine of growth and inequality – Vox EU
Alpha, Beta, ECB independence, and Omega lender of last resort – Nick Rowe
The Information Content of the ALEC-Laffer-Moore-Williams Economic Outlook Ranking – Econbrowser

Economy News July 15th 2015

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